Tax season is often described as one of the best times and also the worst times for the CPA firms. The reason behind calling it the best is because of the business it brings in and worst because of the tight schedule, long nights, and extra work that comes along with it. Even though your firm is well equipped with the accountants, you are bound to look out for an additional, highly qualified talent pool. Trust me those individuals are in high demand and indeed a blessing in disguise.

CPA firms have to maintain books of their clients and file returns before the due date. It must be done according to the legal compliance of federal and state laws. A bit of error can open doors for the IRS penalty and weaken the credit score of the clients. The stakes and high during the tax season so the firm needs to be double or even triple geared up before the final season. The hiring of an additional temporary employee becomes crucial.

The articles emphasize on tips to consider before hiring a temporary employee for tax season:


  • Have a vision: The panic and the excitement of the tax season can result in urgency in the hiring of the remote workers. But the firm must create a list of activities that can be assigned to the recruited employee. Only after that, the firm should look out for hiring the remote staffing employee so that he can be put to work immediately. Make sure to add some buffer time where the employee can be trained and given adequate orientation.


  • Go with the best staffing partner: The best services are provided by the best staffing partner. It gets tricky to select, so it is extremely important to do thorough research before selecting the staffing partner. One should look at the experience a staffing partner has in filling accounting and other financial operations for the work the firm needs to be done.


  • Establish a support system: There are chances that you do not monitor the remote staffing employees after the completion of the initial orientation program. A firm needs to have seasoned professionals to help the remote staffing employees with their questions. Apart from the questions, they can also need some additional support systems.
  • Be realistic: The services received from the hired remote staffing employee should be worth the investment. But at the same time, the firm should not compare him or her with an employee that has been working for the firm for many years. The work assigned should be challenging but achievable.

 Winter is coming and so is tax season. Is your firm up for it?

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