Outsourcing, remote staffing– depending upon the scenario, all such terms might be used interchangeably, but in reality, each term has different features all together. In outsourcing, you hire the services of a third-party service provider, and the team working on your project is not exactly your employee. Whereas in remote staffing, the team working on the company task is your direct employee just like your own staff.  

There is more to it. So I thought it might be worth sharing on the difference between two of these terms – remote staffing and outsourcing.  



  • In remote staffing, the client has the liberty to interview the remote staffing professionals before hiring them. The client is provided with resumes as per the shared requirement from his end. This makes recruitment transparent and effective.
  • In outsourcing, the decision of hiring is left to outsourcing organizations. The client has no say in assigning the work since the talent consists of ghost resources and will get the final job done from the outsourced organization. Due to ghost resources, there is no one to take ownership of a particular activity when things go wrong.


  • In remote staffing, the client has 100 percent control over the remote staff professionals. Such professional’s reports to the clients and the manager and leaders of the client firm control the process, staff, and outcome. Such professionals strictly follow the guidelines and protocols set by the organization.
  • Whereas in outsourcing, an account manager is taking control of all these work, and the client has no control over operations. The result can be good or bad, might meet your expectation or not. You will not get to know until it is complete.


  • In remote staffing, hiring is need-based and flexible. The client can scale up and down the count of remote staffing professionals without long term commitment. Along with it, the client has the flexibility to hire an employee for full time, part-time, or on an hourly basis.
  • When you are hiring a vendor for outsourcing, he/she will be there for a specific project or task. Also, there is no scope of flexibility in hiring. An account manager of the outsourced firm will coordinate on behalf of the firm. There are high chances that the professionals under this account manager who are working on your project today may change tomorrow. This kills the parameter of control for the clients leading to degradation of quality.


  • Communication between resources and client is extremely essential in the CPA firm. In remote staffing, the professionals communicate with the client daily. This boosts work efficiency.
  • But in outsourcing, the professionals working under account manager changes from time to time. So there is no direct communication and all the communication is with the account manager who delegates it further to the resources working on your project. This may lead to loss of information and miscommunication of the requirements from the client’s end.


  • Remote staffing professionals become part of your organization and learn the way the firms work. They learn via the experience gathered in their tenure. Also, such professionals are regularly trained and have an end to end knowledge of the domain. He is the jack of all as well as the master of all. Since the remote staffing professional is in direct communication and spends more time with the client, he gets an exponential learning curve.
  • Outsourced professional is hired only for a specific project which gives them no opportunity to learn on the job and gain experience according to your firm’s function. Since they are for short tenure, the learning is lesser compared to remote staff professionals.


  • Cost is drastically reduced when it comes to remote staffing. We charge around $8 per hour and provide the best resources for your task.
  • Outsourcing is a costly affair and is expensive than remote staffing. 

        I am sure the points might have given you a clear picture of remote staffing that has got an edge for your CPA firm.

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